Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekly Update #2 (2/21/15-2/27/15)

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! This was certainly a busy week, therefor I didn't have much time to record, and YouTube kept glitching out (grr). Anyway, onto the videos!

This week, I uploaded two parts of my sims 4 LP. Winter has decided to start working out. Not only to get into shape and live healthier, but it also gives her something to focus on. Undoubtedly, she's going through a tough time in her life. I mean, she is an aspiring musician, single mother of three, struggling to make ends meet. But, Winter is ready to get back out there in the dating game. So, she went on a date with (the goatee-sporting) Casey. Could Casey possibly be the one? If you haven't seen the latest parts of my sims 4 LP, you can catch up with this playlist here:

Bring out the confetti guns, because today I posted the first part in my sims 4 Riot Grrrl LP! I know I said I was going to start a challenge, but I'm still not 100% sure what challenge I want to do. Anyway, this let's play centers around the story of Kalani Rocha and Vesper Westfall, two young adult females living in Oasis Springs. They met on "tumblr" (or whatever the sims equivalent for that is. Simblr?) and immediately bonded over their love for female empowerment, more specifically the Riot Grrrl movement. If you are unsure what Riot Grrrl is, you can read about it here.  Kalani and Vesper decided to move to Oasis Springs together, which was a major leap of faith. For all they knew, one of them could be a serial killer. Luckily, that's not the case. This let's play will promote female empowerment and self expression. To find out more about Kalani and Vesper, watch the first part here:

My sims from my February current household video got married! Picturesssss: 

Favorite CC finds of the week time!
Behr Wall Paint - These paint colors are absolutely perfect for any house! I find myself using them all the time.
[ Berry Sorbet ] Lip Recolours - This lipstick is incredibly well made! Plus I love the berry colors.

In the upcoming week, I will be posting a building video and of course more LP parts! 

Thank you for reading! Talk to you next week!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Weekly Update #1 (2/14/15-2/20/15)

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog! I hope you all had a fantastic week (although, I can't say I did exactly. Anxiety is annoying). I have a couple things to update you on, so continue reading!

First off, this week I uploaded three new parts of my sims 4 LP. Arianna has aged up to a young adult and is beginning to pursue her career in comedy. Meanwhile, Lane and Livvy aged up to children. Lane is starting to realize the way her style differs from the other girls her age, which is something that makes her feel insecure. On the other hand, Livvy is much more popular and liked among her peers. Perhaps the biggest thing that happened; Winter broke up with Don. Deep down, Winter didn't trust Don. She'd fallen for his good looks and charm, but Winter realizes she's a grown woman with a family who she needs to care for. It's time for her to find someone who will want to settle down with her. After hearing about the breakup, Megan Levine and her husband (Daryl Levine) and son (Walker Levine) decided to move to Willow Creek! If you are not familiar with Megan, she is Tucker and Regina's daughter (making her Winter's cousin) from my All in One LP. Anyway, she moved her family to Willow Creek to be there for her cousin as she goes through this rough time. To top everything off, the family is low on funds. Winter, being an aspiring musician, and Arianna, being an aspiring comedian, aren't making a lot of money and basically take any gig they can take. Will they be able to make it through? If you haven't seen the latest parts of my sims 4 LP, you can catch up with this playlist here:

This week, I also posted a current household video which you can watch here:

Now onto my favorite CC finds of the week!
Flannel Button Up Shirt - I absolutely love the way this shirt looks on Daryl, and I feel like it suits his personality very well. I think this top is perfect for any 'lumberjack' sims in your gameplay.
Kitty Sweaters for Kids - OH MY GOODNESS. Need I say more? (Although, I haven't had a chance to use these tops yet, they are too cute not to include).
Detailed Ripped Jeans - These jeans are incredible! They are a tight fit with a realistic texture, that are so useful for any outfit!
Brilliant Skin - I adore this skin because it smooths out the lines on the sim's face, while still looking similar to the default texture!

In the upcoming week, I will be starting a new sims 4 LP! I have selected the challenge I want to do, and I'm super excited for it! Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading! Talk to you next week!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Welcome to my Blog

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog! Here you can find my custom content, polls, FAQ, computer/recording specs, and more. Every Friday (potentially every-other Friday, if I'm particularly busy) I will post a weekly wrap up featuring links to my favorite CC finds, photos from my LP's, personal updates, questions, and anything else I feel is important that's happened that week that I want to tell you guys.

I really want your opinions to be heard on this blog. You can comment your thoughts, which I will take into consideration. There will also be plenty of polls for you all to vote on things. As you can see, on the side of the blog I have a poll up right now, so if you want to vote, go ahead and do so!

Anyway, I hope you guys are as excited for this blog as I am! Bye!